Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Mask ♡

Before I put in my input about this product I want to clarify that I have extremely sensitive skin. A lot of acne medications or masks give me a burning sensation on my face and leave it red for hours. It is very difficult for me to find products that heal my acne but do not leave my face irritated and dry. Unfortunately, I wanted to love this product because I adore Neutrogena but it just didn't work out. Before I commit to buying a skincare product I always buy the sample size or smallest size first to see if I like the product. I have heard many good things about this mask so I decided to try it. I applied a thin layer to my entire face and it was fine for the first few minutes. The next thing I know my face is stinging and turning bright red. I ran to the bathroom and washed it off but it continued to leave my face looking sunburnt for about two hours. Maybe I was allergic to something used in the mask and that caused the reaction? If you have sensitive skin I would not recommend this product. However, do not let this stray you away from Neutrogena acne care! I use Neutrogena products on the daily and they have so many amazing acne products that work wonderfully on my skin.
Let me know if you have tried this product before or have any Neutrogena recommendations!

RATING: ❤♡♡♡




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