La Mer The Regenerating Serum♡

I am so excited to be doing this review today because La Mer (in my opinion) is probably the BEST brand of skincare and cosmetic products that you can buy. Their products provide miracle results that completely restore and reform your skin's health. Basically, if you are looking for the HOLY GRAIL of skin care La Mer is your brand. Though it is very pricey, it is the best of the best. Do not let the price discourage you because you are getting exactly what you pay for. I cannot afford to buy La Mer, but I try my best to save up and buy a product when I can. The Regenerating Serum in particular is one of my favorite products. I have been using it off and on for awhile and I have seen the transformation. It makes my skin both dewy and plump. I have noticed that this product also heals all redness and irritation. I have a lot of acne scarring and general redness and ever since I have been using this product both of these flaws are not as noticeable. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this brand and this product! If you are able to make the investment it is so worth it!

Let me know if you have ever tried any La Mer products!

RATING: ❤❤❤❤❤



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