Trending Hair Ties ♡

I have been hearing so much about these new hair ties that look like coiled key chains. They claim that they do not leave bumps in your hair and that they are painless. This all sounded good until I realized that a pack of three invisibobble hair ties were $9 at Sephora. I decided that I would just try them and hope that they live up to their reputation. Honestly, they are some of the best hair ties I have ever tried. They held my hair and did not give me a headache but I did notice that they still crimped my hair a little. The only problem is that I am so bad at keeping my hair ties in one place so I lost all three within the first week. I was obviously very upset until I went to Marshall's and saw that they had an off brand pack of six for $3. I immediately bought them and prayed that they were comparable to the original brand. Unfortunately, they were a complete waste of money. If you are going to invest in these hair ties absolutely get the real thing. I have linked the product from Sephora below.

RATING: ❤❤❤❤❤



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