Macadamia Deep Repair Masque ♡

First off, I am VERY guilty of heat styling and dying my hair. Out of pure desperation, I asked my stylist what to do about my dried out hair and she recommended that I use this product. Ever since then I have been overjoyed with the results that I have been receiving. In the beginning stages, I actually applied this mask to my entire head every time I washed my hair. From doing this I was able to see real results within two weeks. My hair was stronger, softer, and it felt moisturized. After about a month of using the mask, I noticed that my hair was getting greasy quicker so I began to only apply this to the ends of my hair. To this day I still use this product with every wash and I am so happy with the quality of my hair. This was the ONLY thing that I changed in my haircare routine and this product completely transformed my hair. I still dye my hair monthly and use heat almost five times a week but with the addition of this mask, my hair isn't dry and brittle. I absolutely love this product and would absolutely recommend it if your hair needs a complete restoration!
P.s. I've heard a rumor that you can buy this mask and other Macadamia products discounted at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Bonus!




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